We did two great shows in Houston last weekend. It was a double bill on Friday and Saturday night: UTOPIA IN FOUR MOVEMENTS and GRAVITY WAS EVERYWHERE BACK THEN by Brent Green. Two different movies, each with live narration and a band. It was a live cinema extravaganza! We did these shows with the amazing Brendan Canty from Fugazi joining the Quavers on drums.

Brent Green, T. Griffin, Sam Green, Brendan Canty, and Esther Robinson

We did some shows with Brendan for the first time at the Kitchen in October and I was really struck by the much fuller sound.  For these Houston shows, we also rewrote the last eight minutes of the piece, and I like this new version; it ends on a more hopeful note. These Houston shows were part of the Cinema Arts Festival Houston, programed by Richard Herskowitz