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Critical Acclaim

The most compelling screening of the entire [2010 Sundance] festival. Utopia was not only utterly moving but a reminder that there is real power conjured through the irreplaceable and unreproducible experience of collectively watching cinema. — The Huffington Post

In UTOPIA Sam Green has produced a brilliantly witty, but also moving meditation on our loss of faith in the dream of progress. Sam has created something completely original – a new form of live story-telling that draws you in emotionally in a way that traditional documentaries almost always fail to do. I loved it.
— Adam Curtis, Director, The Power of Nightmares

The best film I saw at Sundance. It’s luminous. In an age where transmedia and Web 3.0 is all the rage, perhaps Green was the biggest rebel at Sundance with his old-fashioned stance. He insists Utopia in Four Movements will only be performed live. “It’s about utopia,” he said to the festival audience, “Do you really want to watch this alone on your iPod?”
— DOX magazine

A deep and moving account of the utopian desire and longing that uniquely characterized the 20th century. Green’s voice and imagery will leave a lasting imprint on audiences. Green is an artist of rare talent and intelligence, managing to give the viewer an experience that is simultaneously haunting and invigorating. ­— José Muñoz, Chair, Department of Performance Studies, NYU

Utopia in Four Movements is that rare thing, intellectually compelling but also gut-wrenching, entertaining, and even funny at times. Sam makes for an engaging tour guide through a century that we can now see as remaking the human outlook. To be in his company for this one hour is to come to grips with what it is to be on this earth at this point in time, and it feels essential. — Paul Sturtz, True/False Film Festival

Sam Green’s Utopia in Four Movements is itself a utopian act. In tackling the behemoth subject of utopia, Green and his collaborator Dave Cerf are attempting to re-invent and re-invigorate the movie going experience. Brilliant and thought-provoking, the movie is both moving and funny – and though it presents some dark realities and disturbing facts, manages to leave us with hope, and a renewed sense of humor about human beings as a species. — Guinevere Turner

The crucial thing is this is not an experience you can download and play on a laptop or a mobile phone. This is, in a very real sense, an utterly utopian ideal. For it’s a complete reaction to — indeed a rejection of — the current era’s mania to consume content on demand. To experience Utopia in Four Movements, you gotta go see Green and Cerf. It’s radical. — The Hollywood Reporter

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