The Band

Brooklyn band The Quavers are T. Griffin, Catherine McRae and Dennis Cronin. They coax a luminous sound out of decayed samplers, walkmans, vibraphonette, footpedal loopers, tape echo violin and homespun harmonies. Like a space-age Carter Family, they weave low-tech electronics around songs sturdy enough to stand up even if the power goes out. They call it “porch techno”.

Together and separately they’ve collaborated with musical luminaries including Vic Chesnutt, Patti Smith, Tom Verlaine, Yo La Tengo, members of The Ex, Fugazi, and godspeed you! black emperor. They have created live soundtrack projects with filmmakers such as Jem Cohen and Brent Green, and theater directors Anne Bogart and Richard Maxwell. Both McRae and Cronin have separate vehicles for their own songwriting: McRae’s solo CD will be released in 2010, and Cronin’s band Vitamin-D released their second CD, Bridge this March. Griffin is a prolific film composer, having scored over a dozen feature films including the arthouse hits Prodigal Sons, Children of Invention, and A Walk Into The Sea, and worked with noted directors including Jem Cohen, Peter Sillen, Michael Almereyda, Tze Chun, Esther B. Robinson, Sam Green and Kimberly Reed. Griffin was a 2008 fellow at the Sundance Composer’s Lab.

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